Mena Lombard's "Fifth and 57th" Collection:   The Making of our Spring Summer Editorial Campaign

by Amelia B. - April 2018

Planning and executing Editorials is one of the most exciting projects you can be part of when working for an apparel label. The pictures and videos you enjoy in magazines, social media networks and websites are the product of a journey that began months before and that included the participation of many different people, ideas and abilities. Mena always says that a crucial element for the success of Editorials is the team you work with, and certainly this one was no exception. The interaction between all the parts was something beautiful to watch. To me it was like a beautiful orchestra, each artist responsible for their own instrument, listening to their own creative voice while at the same time following the Collection's story and committed to the quality and harmony of the final product. 

Being this Collection a tribute to the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", this Editorial had to take place in New York City. Mena wanted to showcase and stay true to the location, not only because it is essential in the original story but also because it was a huge influence in her design process. The experience was one I will never forget, one we still reminisce about during meetings, coffee breaks and conversations. The journey was incredible and the final product, breathtaking.

Mena wants to share with you a little peek of what happens behind the scenes of an editorial campaign. It is a way of honoring and thanking the collaboration of an extraordinary team, one that makes us all at Mena Lombard very proud of and blessed for. Thanks to each one of them for their hard work and amazing energy and thanks to you for your interest in what we do. Here are some images of the making of our "Fifth and 57th" Editorial. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the "Fifth and 57th" Team: Photographer: Eduardo Von Garcia @eduardogarciaphoto | Cinematographer: Sergio Vizuete @sergiovizuete | Model: Molly Kaitlyn @mollykaitlynr | Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist: Khadine Ali @khadinebeauty | Manager: Amy Berkowitz @amy.berkowitz | Production Coordinator: Amelia Benjamyn @amelia.benjamynl | Associate: Vicky Dopazo @vickydopazo | Creative Director: Mena Lombard @menalombard