Uruguayan born designer Mena Lombard has always been in love with the human expression in all its different forms. A globe trotter, she has lived and studied in Uruguay, Spain, the United States, Italy and Argentina. Finding inspiration in art, culture, painting and photography, Mena’s designs reflect modern updates of iconic silhouettes – a hint of brash, but never straying from chic. Mena creates eye-catching and sophisticated fashion, highlighting through her garments the uniqueness of who is wearing them. In her own words I like to think that what I do transcends completely the superficial side of it. It is more about how you feel rather than anything else. It is really about how empowered you become by it.

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The Mena Lombard Brand channels the vibrant flare of vintage fashion and offers a contemporary twist to create effortless everyday styles. Inspired by the designer’s own life and travels, each look in her collection is an instant classic. Each item features one-of-a-kind details and artistry that clearly define Mena Lombard’s unique aesthetic.


What Inspires Us

"I love to go back in time, to grab pieces of history and give them life again, to let them talk about the path behind and give them a new path ahead... It's a way of honoring what we have overcome and never forgetting where we come from." - Mena Lombard

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Detailed Oriented Designs

"At Mena Lombard we all work hard to design and construct garments that will perfectly fit not only your body but also your life. Our goal is to always be creating and constructing your next favorite piece." - Mena Lombard


American Design and Manufacturing

"I'm absolutely proud of working hard to maintain our production house in the U.S.
Because I'm involved and hands-on. I like to be part of the construction process, to make sure we do our best in every step of the way. These garments carry my name in them, so I owe each and every piece the best of me" - Mena Lombard